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Best Rated Treadmills

After going through our tips for buying a treadmill and treadmill comparisons, you should have a pretty good idea of what to look for in your new treadmill. The only thing left now is to choose.

Compiled in order to help you narrow down your choices, this best rated treadmills list consists of treadmills that are above their competition in terms of overall value for money. Treadmills are sorted by user profiles rather than by price, making it easier for you to find the one that best suits your exercise goals.

Best Rated Treadmills - Walking

If you're certain that you are only going to walk on your treadmill, you can spend well under $1000 and still get a machine that will satisfy your needs. Be careful, though - if you later change your mind and decide to run on it, you'll probably realize that you're stuck with a treadmill which simply isn't sturdy enough to handle the additional strain.


Best Rated Treadmills - Jogging

Stepping up in price and quality, these treadmills can take more pounding, have more workout options and better warranties. They still may not be strong and stable enough for heavier, more serious exercisers, but will easily support walking, jogging and an occasional run.


Best Rated Treadmills - Running

Most people will be satisfied with a treadmill from this range, as they are sturdy enough to support jogging and running alike. Although not yet "commercial quality like", they can still take more beating than the majority of people is able to give.


Best Rated Treadmills - Top Quality

For the most serious of runners and those who are looking at a treadmill as a long term investment in their health, there is a good number of treadmills over $2000 built with only quality in mind. If you consider yourself to be in that group, then this is a list for you.


Going Even Further

$2000 is already a lot of money for a home treadmill, but if you really want the best of the best, the price tag can still go way up - both Landice and Precor have treadmills that go well over $3000, and a Woodway can easily cost you over $10000. The best advice, however, still stays the same - determine your workout goals and choose your treadmill accordingly.

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