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NordicTrack Treadmills

General Overview

NordicTrack Treadmills are produced by Icon Health & Fitness, one of the world's largest exercise equipment manufacturers also responsible for Weider, Proform, Image, Healthrider, Reebok and Weslo treadmills.

NordicTrack treadmills look good, feel good and have plenty of features, but they are usually surpassed in quality by competing models from the same price range. Their strongest points are iFIT compatibility and great cushioning, while their reliability and warranties still have room for improvement.

NordicTrack E3200

One thing that positions NordicTrack E3200 above the low priced competition is the number of workout programs it offers - 14 programs, including 2 custom and 2 pulse-driven can really keep your exercises fresh and interesting for a long time. Consider this treadmill if you are looking for good cushioning, decent walking area and a motor suitable for walkers and light joggers, but take a look at Smooth 5.15P and Horizon T53 for better warranties and overall value at the same price. NordicTrack E3200

NordicTrack 4300R

Similar to E3200, NordicTrack 4300R has a good variety of workout programs, good cushioning and interesting features. The negative side of this treadmill is it's price tag, which puts it in direct competition with better and more reliable models such as Horizon T54, Smooth 7.1HR and Spirit Z100. NordicTrack 4300R

NordicTrack 5100R

Considering it's price, NordicTrack 5100R is the best choice among mentioned NordicTrack treadmills - while keeping top quality cushioning, iFIT technology and the same price tag as 4300R, it also offers a stronger motor and 30 workout programs. However, the reliability issues are still present. Due to some lower quality parts, this model might give you more problems than similarly priced treadmills from Smooth, Horizon or Trimline. NordicTrack 5100R

NordicTrack 8600

Completely different from other NordicTrack treadmills, NordicTrack 8600 is a massive, top quality treadmill designed for the most demanding user. With a heavy frame, extra long treadbelt, traditionally good NordicTrack cushioning and an excellent 5 HP continuous duty motor, it's one of the best home treadmills you can get. All in all, NordicTrack 8600 is a good choice in the top quality price range if you don't mind it's extreme weight (don't plan on moving it often) and a weak warranty. NordicTrack 8600

NordicTrack C 2300

NordicTrack C 2300 is a fine treadmill for walkers and joggers. Great features and a reliable motor are it's main strenghts, but NordicTrack is well known for low parts quality. If you've already decided to make a purchase in this price range, we recommend something from Horizon, Reebok or Ironman. NordicTrack C 2300

NordicTrack Apex 8000

This one is among better NordicTrack treadmills. Apex 8000 has a strong 3.5HP motor and a long deck suitable for running at higher speeds. Variety in exercising is guranteed by 30 built-in programs and iFIT technology. If you're in a position to add a couple hundred more, we recommend you check Smooth 5.25. NordicTrack Apex 8000

NordicTrack ViewPoint TV

This is a feature packed model which has it's main selling bait right on top - a large flat screen TV. Strong and reliable motor is the only worthy thing here, though, as all other treadmill parts are simply not reliable enough. If you still choose to go for this model, we recommend you take an extended warranty and keep an eye on that flat screen because it's replacement costs more than an entirely new ViewPoint TV treadmill. NordicTrack ViewPoint TV

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