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Image Treadmills

General Overview

Image treadmills are made by Icon Health & Fitness, the largest manufacturer of home fitness equipment in the world. Apart from Image, Icon is a name behind a number of other brands such as Reebok, Proform, Weslo, Nordic Track and HealthRider.

Image treadmills are generally aimed at the less demanding treadmill user and since Image is not as famous as some other Icon brands, the price tags are lowered accordingly. Still, a 90 days warranty and somewhat low quality parts could make you check Horizon and Spirit for better entry level treadmills.

Image 10.0

Image 10.0 is one of the cheapest motorized treadmills you can find but also one of the more reliable Image models. Having iFIT technology and a decent walking surface at $400 makes it your best choice if both your budget and requirements are very limited. Image 10.0

Image 14.0

Image 14.0 can be found advertised as fitness club quality at Wal-Mart prices. What they fail to mention is that fitness club treadmills have very long or even lifetime warranties, much better construction and stronger motors. Image 14.0

Image 16.0q

Everything said about other Image treadmills stands true for Image 16.0q as well - their marketing department may tell you about a superb product, a worthy substitute for expensive gym treadmills, but numerous negative user experiences tell a different story. Image 16.0q

Image Advanced 1400

Image Advanced 1400 is an improvement over past models made by this company. The best thing in Advanced series is the motor, which is now much stronger and can sustain anything from walking to running with a 12 years warranty. Image Advanced 1400

Image Advanced 4000

This is the best that Image has to offer, considering the features, quality and price. The LCD TV that Image Advanced 4000 has installed is something you won't find on other treadmills. Image Advanced 4000

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