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Trimline Treadmills

General Overview

Although somewhat new on the treadmill scene, trimline makes good, reliable treadmills and has quickly built a good reputation as a top quality treadmill manufacturer.

Trimline treadmills are best known for their industrial-strength motors and excellent warranties which make them a safe and reliable choice.

Trimline T305

Trimline T305 is Trimline's entry level treadmill that will satisfy your basic exercise needs. It's a good choice for walkers and light joggers, but you should look for a stronger motor and a larger deck if you are planning to run. Best thing about T305 is it's great motor warranty, but comparable treadmills from Smooth, Spirit or Horizon will give you better value for your money. Trimline T305

Trimline T315

A good step forward from T305, Trimline T315 features a stronger motor, better display console and 8 workout programs. However, it still has a very small running area and it's high price tag puts it in direct competition with superior treadmills such as Smooth 5.15, Horizon T53 and Spirit Inspire 400. Trimline T315

Trimline T325

With a strong 2.5 HP motor and a large running deck, Trimline T325 is a good choice for walking and running alike. Despite it's price tag which is still a little high compared to some of the competition, you won't go wrong if you choose T325 as your exercise companion. Trimline T325

Trimline T335

Trimline T335 is an upgraded version of T325, with more features designed to enhance your exercising experience. For around $200 more, T335 gives you a better display, more workout programs and advanced heart rate control. Trimline T335

Trimline T340

Trimline T340 is the first non-folding treadmill in the Trimline line-up, and the first one assembled in the USA. Compared to Trimline T335, T340 offers less features while holding the same price, but is of better overall quality and more stable. Trimline is among the leaders in the mid-price treadmill market and T340 is one of their best value models. Trimline T340

Trimline T345

If you want a stable treadmill for running but need folding capabilities as well, Trimline T345 is a good option. Although folding treadmills usually lose on stability, T345 can satisfy a moderate runner. If you want to check competition as well, take a look at Smooth 7.1 and Spirit Z100. Trimline T345

Trimline T350

One of the best overall options in the Trimline team, Trimline T350 is an improved version of T340. For additional $200, you will get a number of great features to improve your workout. T350 has a stronger motor, more workout programs, better display and heart rate control and is one of the best treadmills in it's class. Trimline T350

Trimline T355

Following the same naming convention as the other Trimline treadmills, Trimline T355 is an improved version of T345. However, the price difference is now around $400, and although T355 has a stronger motor and a number of additional features, T345 offers a better value for money. Trimline T355

Trimline T360

Built with the most demanding user in mind, Trimline T360 is recommended for heavy runners and multi-user families. Apart from a strong 2.7 HP motor, challenging workout routines and advanced heart rate control, T360 also features an advanced cushioning system which will bring additional comfort and protection to your knees. Trimline T360

Trimline T370

Add a stronger motor, better display and even more workout programs to T360, and you get a powerful Trimline T370. If you are not bothered by the price increase of $300, get a T370 and see for yourself why a marathon world record holder uses this treadmill for his training. Trimline T370

Trimline T380

Trimline T380 is the best treadmill that Trimline has to offer and is designed for light commercial settings such as hotels and multi-user apartment buildings. If you are looking for a top of the line treadmill, Trimline T380 is a good choice, together with Precor M 9.31 and Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer. Trimline T380

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