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Horizon Treadmills

General Overview

Horizon Fitness is a division of Johnson Health Tech and their experience of over 25 years in the exercise equipment business can be seen in the quality of their treadmills.

Choose a Horizon treadmill and you will get a good, reliable workout machine at a great price. With some of the quietest motors in the industry and good warranties, Horizon treadmills offer more value for money than most of the competition in the low-mid price range.

Horizon T61


T61 is a new version of Horizon's entry level treadmill that can satisfy walkers and light joggers. Its specifications are similar to T51 model, but the price is actually down! One thing that Horizon is especially known for is a strong and reliable motor - mix that together with it's other characteristics, and Horizon T61 gets ahead of the competition in it's price range. Horizon T61

Horizon T62

This model is an upgrade of Horizon T52, and it now has a telemetric heart rate monitoring. As with other Horizon treadmills from the new series, the price is also lowered! If you're interested in T62, we recommend that you also check Horizon T63 which is one of the best treadmills around $1000. Horizon T62

Horizon T63


Horizon T63 is currently the most popular Horizon treadmill and competes well with Smooth and Sole. Most users will find what they need in T63, from walkers and joggers to casual runners. With useful features, strong motor and a competitive price, it will surely find a way to a good number of customers. Horizon T63

Horizon T64

This is the strongest treadmill in Horizon's offer and it delivers good jogging and running routines for a decent price. Apart from a strong motor and overall quality, it also has an improved deck cushioning to better protect your knees and joints. Horizon T64

Horizon T20

Horizon T20 has been replaced by Horizon T52, so you should take a look at the newer model if you are interested in this treadmill. Considering the good reputation that T20 earned, the improved T52 is a great choice, especially at the current price at Amazon. Horizon T20

Horizon T51

T51 is Horizon's entry level treadmill, great for walkers and light joggers. It's motor power and deck size may not satisfy a more serious runner, but it's features, warranty and overall quality make it by far the best choice in it's price range. Horizon T51

Horizon T52

With a bigger running surface, 2 more workout programs, stronger motor and a longer motor warranty, Horizon T52 is a good improvement over Horizon T51. If you are planning to use your treadmill for jogging, Horizon T52 is a good choice and although it has some noteable competition from Spirit, it still offers good value for the money. Horizon T52

Horizon T53

Horizon T53 is one of the best treadmills around $1000, together with Smooth 5.15P and Spirit Inspire 400. With a good-sized running surface, 2.25 HP motor and a competitive price, Horizon T53 is a good choice for most casual runners. Horizon T53

Horizon T54

The best treadmill in Horizon's T series, Horizon T54 is a good choice if you want a good, yet not too expensive treadmill for jogging and running. Apart from a strong 2.5 HP motor, 10 workout programs and advanced heart rate monitoring, Horizon T54 also has an orthopedic belt which provides maximum cushioning and enhanced protection for your knees and joints. Horizon T54

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