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HealthRider Treadmills

General Overview

HealthRider treadmills are made by Icon Health & Fitness, the largest manufacturer of home fitness equipment in the world which also makes Weslo, Image, Proform, Reebok and NordicTrack treadmills.

Packed with features designed to inspire you and guide you through your workout, HealthRider treadmills would be a great choice if their overall quality, reliability and service were a bit better.

Healthrider R65

HealthRider R65 has some nice specifications, and looks like a usefull package for most users. It could be even more competitive if it only had a better warranty. The problem is that the reliablility of all those features is in question, so be sure to consider an extended warranty with it. Healthrider R65

Healthrider R60

HealthRider R60 has some quality parts installed and that makes it a better solution than it's predecessor R65. Also, there are even more features that can be found on more expensive models. The issue with R60 is it's reliability and you should take an extended warranty if you decide to go for this model. Healthrider R60

Healthrider T650i

There are some nice features on this model, together with a large running deck that would attract anyone. And when you consider the price, it looks like a great treadmill. But HealthRider T650i has a big flaw, like most Icon models - it's parts quality. It has only a 90 days warranty, so you should really look for some alternatives. Healthrider T650i

Healthrider T850i

Looking at it's specifications, HealthRider T850i sounds like a good piece of exercise equipment. It has a 2.5 hp motor, extra long 20" x 60" running deck and a number of interesting features including the option to download additional programs and music from the internet or cd's using iFIT technology. Healthrider T850i

Healthrider T900i

At around $200 more than T850i, HealthRider T900i offers a stronger motor and even more workout programs, but the main disadvantage is still the same. For $1500 - the amount of money you will pay for HealthRider T900i - you should expect to get a much better warranty. You might want to check Smooth 7.1HR for comparison. Healthrider T900i

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