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Keys Treadmills

General Overview

Keys Fitness is one of the award-winning leaders in exercise equipment industry located in Dallas, Texas.

Although they have been manufacturing treadmills for little less then a decade, their models often receive praise due to a good combination of quality and price.

Keys 2000

Keys 2000 has collected a few "best buy" ratings over the years, but with the treadmill world quickly evolving, it's not as attractive as it once was. It's running surface and 2.0 HP motor are suitable for both walkers and joggers, but you can get all that and more for the same price from Smooth, Spirit or Horizon. Keys 2000

Keys 8800

The most expensive model from Keys Fitness, Keys 8800 is a good and reliable home treadmill with a strong motor, some interesting features and quality parts. If there was a bad thing about it, it would be the price, so check out Smooth, Spirit, Ironman and Trimline to see if you can find a comparable model for a lower price. Keys 8800

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