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Spirit Treadmills

General Overview

Spirit has been making exercise equipment for over 20 years and is known for good quality and innovation in it's products.

Sturdy and among the best in their price ranges, Spirit treadmills are a good choice for walkers and runners alike. Spirit also traditionally has some of the best folding treadmills on the market.

Spirit Inspire 100

Spirit Inspire treadmills feature the same technology as the more advanced Z series, but are slightly less powerful and more affordable. First model in the series will satisfy most walkers and joggers but take a look at Inspire 200 for a better value for money. Spirit Inspire 100

Spirit Inspire 200

Pay $100 more than for Spirit Inspire 100 and get a better display console, power folding feature and a heart rate belt. Although not a treadmill for serious runners, Spirit Inspire 200 will serve you well if you are a walker or a jogger. Spirit Inspire 200

Spirit Inspire 400

The best treadmill in Spirit Inspire series. Strong motor, large running deck and a number of interesting features make it one of the best choices in it's price range, suitable for walkers, joggers and runners. Spirit Inspire 400

Spirit Z 100

Excellent treadmill from Spirit's new Z series, one of the best in it's price range. Has a strong 3 HP motor, 20 x 55 running deck and a number of interesting features to enhance your workout experience. If you want a good, reliable treadmill, this one is a good choice - it comes with a great warranty, has the same technology as the more advanced models and carries a very decent price tag. Spirit Z 100

Spirit Z 300

Basically the same treadmill as Z100, but this time with an orthopedic belt for even better protection of your knees and joints. If you have a medical history concerning your legs, orthopedic belt could do you good. Spirit Z 300

Spirit Z 500

Best Spirit treadmill. It has a longer running deck and a better display console than less expensive models from Z series. Spirit Z 500

Spirit Z 8

An entry level folding treadmill for walkers and joggers. Spirit Z8 is low on features but has the quality of production and great design. It is made to serve you for a long time, with a 30 year motor and 5 year parts warranty. That's hard to find in this price range so if you are after low intensity workouts this model could be your favourite. Spirit Z 8

Spirit Z 9

One more mid-priced treadill from Spirit. Z9 is packed with features and has to offer much more then the Z8. You can use it for high intensity workouts, the strong motor and 15% incline can offer big challenges for anyone. This is a fine treadmill but at this price range you may want to compare it to Smooth treadmills and find even better offer. Spirit Z 9

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