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Smooth Treadmills

General Overview

Smooth Fitness has been involved in the exercise equipment business for over 20 years and they are the only company that sells their treadmills primarily over the internet.

Built with top quality components, backed up with good warranties and sold over the internet at factory direct prices, Smooth treadmills are generally among the best choices, regardless of the price range. Catering for different needs while maintaining quality, their entry level treadmill is priced around a $1000 while the top model approaches $3000.

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Smooth 5.45*


Smooth 5.45 treadmill is basically a Smooth 5.25 redesigned and upgraded. Which is a good thing - Smooth 5.25 is among all-time best sellers for Smooth Fitness, a fact that definitely speaks about it's quality and appeal. Smooth 5.45 Review

Smooth 9.35 HR*


Smooth 9.35 HR has everything you'd expect from an "under $2000" treadmill and more. Smooth Fitness keeps coming up with new upgrades and features, making sure it's treadmills stay both reliable and technologically advanced while still cheaper than the competing models and Smooth 9.35 is a perfect example. Smooth 9.35 Review

Smooth 5.25

Just like it's predecessor 5.15p, Smooth 5.25 is one of the best models under $1000. Strong features make this treadmill a great choice for walkers and joggers alike, with a maximum incline of 15% and 2.5 hp motor. Good cushioning and a fine variety of exercise programs are enough to make anyone feel comfortable during their workout routine. Another good thing about Smooth 5.25 is it's lifetime warranty for frame and motor, plus 3 years on parts. If you're after a treadmill under $1000, this one is a great choice. Smooth 5.25

Smooth 6.25

Another attractive product from Smooth Fitness. Smooth 6.25 is an upgraded version of Smooth 6.1p - stronger motor, higher incline and a sturdier frame are something that any runner will be satisfied with. Variety in exercising is guaranteed by interesting workout programs, and if you get an optional heart rate control feature, you'll be able to exercise within your targeted heart rate zone. If you're a walker, jogger or light runner, Smooth 6.25 should serve you well for a long time. Smooth 6.25

Smooth 9.17 HRO


Smooth's previous model, 9.15HR, made good impressions on users and experts with a very quiet motor and useful features. And now they're here with Smooth 9.17 HRO, which is another step towards a perfect treadmill. Smooth 9.17 has everything that an advanced treadmill user wants and will satisfy a great majority of exercisers. Smooth 9.17 HRO

Smooth 5.15P

Smooth 5.15P is meant to replace the successful Smooth 5.0 and is doing a great job. 2.5 HP motor, decent walking area, heart rate monitoring and 7 workout programs make it a great entry level treadmill and one of the best treadmills you can get for around $1000. Smooth 5.15P

Smooth 6.1P

Although a good treadmill by itself, Smooth 6.1 falls between 2 bestsellers. Save around $200 and go for the Smooth 5.15P if you are interested in walking and jogging or take a look at Smooth 7.1HR if you want a big and stable treadmill for running. Smooth 6.1P

Smooth 7.1 HR


Smooth 7.1HR has been Smooth's #1 selling treadmill for a few years now and has proven itself as the best treadmill in the "around $1500" price range. Although it can be easily folded, Smooth 7.1HR is still a massive, reliable treadmill that can withstand serious running. Apart from being stable, it also has a nice display console, interesting workout programs and a good heart rate control which make it the recommended choice in it's price range. Smooth 7.1 HR

Smooth 9.15 HR

With a stronger motor, improved display console and more challenging workout programs, Smooth 9.15HR is a good upgrade of Smooth 7.1HR. Both treadmills are a great choice and you won't go wrong whichever you choose. Smooth 9.15 HR

Smooth 9.25 HR


Smooth 9.25HR is the best treadmill Smooth has to offer and will satisfy even the most demanding user. It has a strong motor, extra long running deck, advanced display console and a number of interesting workout options. If you are looking for a top quality home treadmill, Smooth 9.25HR is a good choice and if you manage to catch it during a discount, you'll get one of the best treadmill bargains ever. Smooth 9.25 HR

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