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Sole Treadmills

General Overview

Sole treadmills are made by Sole, a company which has been involved in treadmill and fitness product design and manufacturing for over twenty years.

Although almost identical in appearance to new Spirit Z treadmills, Sole treadmills seem to have raised the quality bar even higher, bringing top quality models to the mid-price treadmill market.

Among the best proofs of their quality is the fact that Sole treadmills are used exclusively by Hilton and a few other world class hotels in their "In Room Fitness" program.

Sole F63

F63 is an entry level model for Sole foldable treadmills. It has a strong motor and the treadbelt is long enough for running, besides walking and jogging. You can compare it to Smooth 5.25 and have your pick between two of them because there aren't enough treadmills who can compete with the level of quality and warranty at this price level. Sole F63

Sole F80

Sole F80 is the first treadmill in Sole folding series and one of the best treadmills in it's price range, exceeding even Smooth 7.1HR and Horizon T54 in terms of warranty. If you are looking for a stable yet foldable treadmill for walking, jogging or running, Sole F80 is one of your best choices. Sole F80

Sole F83


Sole F83 is an upgraded version of Sole F80, featuring a better display console and a stronger motor. However, if you are tight on cash and not planning to do more serious running, you might want to save some money by choosing F80, since the price difference is currently $300. Sole F83

Sole F85

The best in Sole folding series and with some truly impressive features, it is no surprise that Sole F85 is Sole's number one seller. There are not too many models in the home treadmills market with a maximum user weight of 400lbs, a 3.5 CHP motor and folding capabilities and not one of them can compete in price with Sole F85. Sole F85

Sole S73

Sole S73 is the non-folding counterpart of their F83 treadmill, the only difference being the lack of folding capability. If you wanted a Sole F83 but don't need folding as an option, choose Sole S73 and save $100. Sole S73

Sole S77


Sole S77 is an upgraded version of Sole S73 and Sole's best non-folding treadmill. Whether you are a walker, jogger or a serious runner, this one is a great choice - with a 3.5 CHP motor, extra long running deck, excellent warranty and a price tag below $2000, Sole S77 is currently one of the best offers in the treadmill world. Sole S77

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